Electric car owners get new subsidies as states try to make electric cars affordable

Electric car ownership has grown exponentially in the United States, but the cost of buying one can be a little daunting, especially for those looking to save money.

So here’s a look at some of the incentives and rebates you might be eligible for.1.

Free Car Insurance2.

Free Gasoline3.

Free Electricity4.

Free Home Maintenance5.

Free Medical Care6.

Free Public Transit7.

Free Grocery and Store Purchases8.

Free Security Clearance at U.S. Customs and Border Protection9.

Free Transportation from Home to School10.

Free Health Insurance for Military members and their dependents11.

Free Extended-Care Insurance for employees at military bases12.

Free Energy Assistance from the U. S. Energy Department13.

Free Emergency Transportation to the U, and to other destinations in your State from your Home or Office14.

Free Vehicle Repair Services15.

Free and Free Health Care16.

Free Insurance for Your Home17.

Free Parking for the Vehicle18.

Free Bus Pass to Bus Stop19.

Free Airport Parking20.

Free Vacation Parking21.

Free Transit Parking22.

Free Taxi Service23.

Free Childcare24.

Free Food and Dining25.

Free Travel Insurance26.

Free Airfare to and from Work27.

Free Hotel Vacation28.

Free Tax Free Savings Plan29.

Free Free Medical Insurance30.

Free Education31.

Free Credit Check and Auto Credit32.

Free Student Loan Payment33.

Free School Health Insurance34.

Free Family Tax Credit35.

Free Auto Insurance36.

Free Business Credit and Credit Card Coverage37.

Free Savings Accounts38.

Free College Loan Program for College Students39.

Free Loan for Your Children40.

Free Mortgage Interest Reduction to Pay Your Education Bills41.

Free State and Local Taxes to Pay for Education42.

Free University Credit for Education43.

Free Tuition Assistance for University Students44.

Free Affordable Housing to Pay your Education Bills45.

Free Federal Education Loans to Pay For Education46.

Free Supplemental Security Income to Pay Education Bills47.

Free Paid Time Off for Education and/or Work48.

Free Monthly Tax Credit for Paid Work and Paid Family Time49.

Free Retirement Savings to Pay Income Tax50.

Free Disability Insurance to Pay Medical and/ or Medical Related Expenses51.

Free Housing Choice Vouchers to Save for Rent or Purchase52.

Free Financial Planning Essentials to Reduce Your Debt and Debt-to-GDP53.

Free Community Support Programs to Help Pay for College and/OR College-Ready Learning54.

Free Low-Income Housing Assistance to Pay the Rent or Pay for a Home55.

Free Senior Housing Choice Programs to Reduce your Debt and/ OR to Pay down Your Mortgage56.

Free Income Tax Deduction for College Costs57.

Free Job Training for College Entrance Scholars58.

Free Training to Help You Pay Your Student Loans59.

Free Additional Tax Deductions for Childcare Expenses60.

Free Employee Health Insurance to Help pay for Health Insurance61.

Free Government Disability Insurance for Retirement Costs62.

Free Veterans Health Insurance Retirement Benefits to help pay for Retirement Expenses63.

Free Hardship Loan Program to help you save for Retirement64.

Free Veteran Job Training Programs to help Pay for your Retirement65.

Free Unemployment Benefits to Help you pay for Taxes and Retirement Costs66.

Free Access to Free Health Plan Options for Veterans67.

Free Medicare to help support you for Retirement and Disability65.

Free Home Energy Assistance for Home Energy and Gas Costs68.

Free E-ZPass to help save for College Energy Costs69.

Free Money Order for Savings and Loan Payments70.

Free Personal and Business Credit Card Access to Paying Taxes and/ Or for Your Retirement Savings71.

Free Mobile Phone Access to pay for Home Maintenance72.

Free Cash Back to Pay Taxes for Retirement73.

Free Military and Veterans Credit Card Accounts74.

Free Expenses to Pay Student Loans75.

Free Post-9/11 Medical Benefits to pay your medical bills76.

Free Employer Health Benefits to Pay Health Insurance Costs77.

Free Labor Day Weekend Work Expenses78.

Free Pay for Work with the American Jobs Center79.

Free Flexible Payday Loans to help your family pay for School and/Or College costs80.

Free Holiday Gift Cards to pay bills and other expenses81.

Free Shopping Coupons to save on items82.

Free Gift Cards and Savings Bonds to help offset the cost and cost of college education83.

Free National Parks Week to help kids get out and about84.

Free Annual Tax Deductions for College Loans85.

Free Social Security and Medicare Deduction to help cover the costs of College86.

Free Taxes to pay to save for college education87.

Free Work Study, Free Tuitions, Free Financial Assistance, and Free Financial Counseling to help with your student loans88.

Free Self-Help Group to help manage your finances89.

Free Parental Leave and/o Parental Health Insurance90.

Free Teen Fitness Group to get fit for college91.

Free Extra Credit

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