When a car burns down, the driver can save the life of the passenger

I was a child when I was told that if I had to die, I could die.

That’s what happened to me and I was never the same.

I never knew what was going to happen next.

I don’t know what to do now, I’m not in a position to plan anything.

But I’m lucky to be alive.

I have two sons and I have a sister, and they’re both gone.

I’m still mourning the loss of both of them, but I’m happy to have them back.

I lost them on October 1st when a car crashed into the garage of a friend of mine in the village of Ojibwa, just outside of the capital, Addis Ababa.

The vehicle struck a wall and burst into flames, killing all five occupants, including my two sons, aged six and five.

They were the only people in the car, the only two people in it, when it came crashing down.

They didn’t even get to see the car go up in flames before the flames engulfed them.

The first thing that hit me was how fortunate I was.

I was living in a village in northern Ethiopia and I could hardly see the village, let alone the highway that runs along the edge of the village.

But that night I saw the car in flames on the highway.

I remember the driver saying that he was afraid he would die, and that he had to save his passenger, who was still alive.

He asked the other driver to help him by cutting the rope from the car and pulling the passenger out.

I thought, “That’s the best option for me.”

The driver didn’t know if he would be able to save her, and he couldn’t see her.

He pulled her out of the car on the roadside and then he climbed out, walked out to the side of the road, and put his hands on her shoulders and told her to run away.

But he wasn’t the only one who did that.

The people around him were frightened, they ran, they hid.

But then a woman pulled him back out of his position and they all looked at each other and they said, “We have to save our lives, we have to make a choice”.

The people did not know what they had done.

The woman was crying.

I started crying, “Oh my God, oh my God”, and the driver said, “[She] is a woman, she is a good woman, you are a woman too, we need you to save us, we are in danger”.

They were not thinking, “I don’t have a choice.”

They were thinking, if you do not have the choice, if she doesn’t have the option, you will die.

When he said that, I thought of my brothers and sisters and the women who are alive today.

And I thought to myself, “Please, please, please help us, if we don’t save our sons and daughters, I am going to die”.

The story is told by a local woman, who told the story to me after she had watched her sons and girls die.

They are not children anymore, they are elderly, they have old legs, they had broken ribs, they didn’t have any air left in them, they just lost the life that was left in their lungs.

It is heartbreaking.

She has lost her life and I lost mine.

It was a very sad day, because there was no way I could have helped them save their lives.

They died from the fire and they didn\’t know what was to come next.

But the fact that they didn�t know how to save their sons and their daughters, that made it all worth it.

But what is happening to the next generation is a little bit different.

They don’t get to say goodbye to their family, but the ones who survived are the ones that still live in the house they left behind.

They live there with their families, they live there without the hope of getting a second chance.

The other families who were not able to make it to Addis have been given new lives.

We know that if we keep on living, they can be part of our families again, and if we can save more than one person, we can keep on saving the world.

There is a lot of pressure on Ethiopia to keep moving forward with this plan, to get on with building a new future for their people, and to keep making the most of the opportunity that is available to them.

Ethiopia is facing an enormous challenge to build a sustainable future, but this is what they are doing to try to do.

They have been very, very ambitious, and there is a great sense of pride in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia was a country that struggled for many years before it started to move forwards.

It took many years for them to move from the status quo to a more modern and stable state.

Ethiopia has been an important part of the world for a long time and it’s important for

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