How Nissan’s Nissan Leaf electric scooters can be a big hit with kids

In the future, the Nissan Leaf could be a hit with children, too.

In Japan, the Japanese government has decided to allow electric scooter-toting children to take the road for the first time, and the country has launched a pilot program to give the devices a go.

The government is hoping that by introducing electric scow-riding toys in the country, it will encourage people to get out and ride.

While electric scopes were introduced in the United States in 2015, it took time to get the technology up to par.

The scooters have the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry and make it possible for parents to use electric scows to get around without using gas.

They also have the promise of a safer alternative to traditional scooters, which can be deadly.

The Nissan Leaf is equipped with a pair of electric motor scooters.

Nissan has already been selling a few electric scoovers in the US.

When asked how the electric scotchscooters are different from traditional scooter models, a Nissan spokesperson told Business Insider that the scooter scooters use a pair on the rear of the vehicle to charge the batteries.

The battery then sits on the top of the scooters foot.

The scooter is powered by an internal battery pack.

The batteries, called Li-ion, have a capacity of 1,500mAh.

That’s about four times the capacity of conventional batteries, and Nissan claims the scotches batteries last about 20,000 charging trips before needing to be replaced.

As for the safety of the devices, the scopes can’t handle heavy-duty or high-speed speeds, but they are equipped with anti-lock brakes and an electric motor.

The devices have been tested in Japan.

It is not yet known how many children are currently using the Nissan scooters in Japan, but Nissan is hoping to see an increase in adoption.

The company is also looking at the US market, where it is testing a range of scooters for children, including scooters that use electric motors, scooters with electric motors on the front and scooters using electric motors in the rear.

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