Electric Boat: We Built It

A Florida man has won a lawsuit against the company that made his electric boat.

The owner, David M. Carroll, filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Electric Boat, a division of a Texas company.

The suit claims the electric boat is unsafe and defective.

Electric Boat has a history of being sued, including a $100 million class action lawsuit in 2012, and the company has said it plans to appeal the suit.

Carroll is a retired engineer who owns the Electric Boats Boat and Motorcycle Boat in Fort Lauderdale.

His electric boat, called the “Electric Boat,” is based on an older boat built in the 1980s.

The boat, built by the same company that built the original electric boat that Carroll built, is also powered by a battery.

Carroll said in the lawsuit that the company is not a “bargain maker” and that the boat is not safe for recreational use.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Carroll’s lawsuit, filed in the Florida Circuit Court for the Third District, seeks to recover damages, attorney fees, punitive damages and attorney’s fees, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Carroll sued Electric Boat in December 2015 after it refused to replace his electric bicycle, according the Tampa Tribune.

The lawsuit alleged that Electric Boat “created a substantial risk of serious injury” to Carroll’s bicycle and that he has a disability, among other claims.

The electric boat was built in 1982 and sold for $250,000 to Carroll in 2010.

Electric Boat made the boat, which can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour, for its own amusement, but it was used by the family of a Florida man who died in 2015 when his electric motor stopped working.

The family told NBC News in January 2016 that they planned to use the boat in the afterlife to pay tribute to their son.

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