Which electric vehicle manufacturer will take over the nation’s grid?

This week, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) is expected to announce that it will be buying up more than 100% of the nation`s grid, and that it plans to be fully operational by 2025.

The acquisition of all the nation´s grid operators is a big deal.

The company is expected by analysts to spend more than $10 billion on acquiring power lines, substations, substation control systems, and transmission and distribution systems, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is also expected that Tesla will purchase up to 1,500 miles of power lines and up to 2,000 miles of substations.

In addition, Tesla will also purchase a significant amount of transmission and control equipment, according the Wall St. Journal.

The Tesla acquisition would allow the company to quickly ramp up the electric vehicle’s deployment, and the company plans to begin deploying its Model S and Model X in the coming years.

Tesla has already begun leasing its Model X SUV, and now it will also be building its own electric vehicle.

In February, the company said that it was also planning to roll out a Model 3 sedan in 2019.

Tesla currently has a Model S sedan in production and has a fleet of the Model X crossover, which it is planning to sell in 2019, as well as the Model 3.

Tesla’s plans to buy up to 100% or more of the grid and install new equipment on the grid is something that many people are not aware of.

For instance, many of the power lines in the United States are owned by utilities.

This is because the utilities are responsible for maintaining and operating the grid.

However, Tesla has decided to purchase power lines for the first time, which is why the company will be able to rapidly deploy its vehicles on the nation, said CNBC.

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